Emotional Well-Being

What is Emotional Well-Being?

It is common for emotional well-being to be considered the same as mental health, but they are not the same. Emotional well-being speaks more to emotions, authenticity, and being vulnerable. It is just as important to have good emotional health as it is to have good physical health. When your emotional health is strong, you are more resilient, self-aware, and are content overall. Being in good emotional health does not mean you are happy all the time or do not suffer from negative feelings or emotions. It just means that you are better able to handle those emotions and manage the positives and negatives as they come.

We all have moments when we feel sad or have difficult times we must navigate, and that is typical. However, there may be moments when you feel like you cannot push through it or get over it. There are many people who tell you to "get over it", but you might need help for depression. Depression can steal your hope, energy, and drive which makes it difficult for you to feel better. When you begin to think about all the things you must do, it can become overwhelming and weigh you down. The first step is often the most difficult—and when you may need the most help for depression. When you seek help, you can talk through the problems that bother you and find ways to handle all the emotions you have.