Flower Essences

How Can Flower Essences Help Me?

A Bach flower is used in remedies as a natural and safe way to heal the balance between the body and the mind. Dr. Bach's remedies can push negative feelings and emotions from the body in an effort to bring a sense of equilibrium back to the body. The negative feelings can include worry, fear, indecision, and hate. Flower essences bring happiness and peace back to the person so that the body can help itself. The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for everyone.

Flower Essences are based on the premise that flowers have energy that can positively impact emotions. They can reduce the emotional suffering a person can feel. Over a long time emotional suffering can impact a person's health. These remedies work as homeopathic medications that are safe for everyone to use. Each remedy is tied to a specific type of emotion. The remedy can help you overcome the fear you feel and face it. These remedies are liquid and can be mixed with other remedies to help you with a specific concern that you have. Dr. Bach intended for this system to be easy so anyone can use these remedies on their own and in their own home. He designed the system as a self-help system. However, there is a network of Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRPs) who are certified experts in the system to help anyone in need.