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How Bach Flower Remedies Can Help Low Self-Esteem and Body Shame

Crab Apple flower
Crab Apple flower

There are countless studies showing the increase in poor self-esteem among adolescents and young adults in the United States and Great Britain. Advertising and Hollywood have a long history of promoting unrealistic ideals of beauty, but the rise of social media has drastically increased the feelings of inadequacy amongst the youth of today. Roughly 30-40% of youth today have feelings of inadequacy, body shame, and low self-worth. In some cases, this can lead to eating disorders.

The Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple can help balances feelings of low self-worth, low self-esteem, and body shame. It also helps with feelings of uncleanliness or toxicity and obsessive or compulsive thoughts or behaviors.

There are other remedies that may also help in other ways. People who set very high standards for themselves or who are perfectionists would benefit from Rock Water. They may also feel undeserving and even deprive themselves of pleasure (ascetic). People who blame or fault themselves for things would benefit from Pine. Repetitive thoughts and mental chatter can be calmed by White Chestnut. People who feel sorry for themselves or wallow in self-pity would benefit from Willow.

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