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Your key to a better life

Bach Flower Remedies balance negative emotions by neutralizing the energetic imbalance that causes them. They can even eliminate long-standing emotional baggage, restoring balance and harmony. Bach Flower Remedies do not aggravate any medical condition or interfere with any medication. They are safe for children, adults, seniors, and pets. They are completely natural. Unlike medications, they have no side effects. They were developed over 90 years ago by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent physician, immunologist, bacteriologist, and homeopath in England. They are sold in over 70 countries and have a trusted following of millions worldwide.


There are 38 different remedies and one emergency formula. Each remedy resolves a specific emotional state. By combining up to eight remedies in one personalized treatment bottle, there are over 61 million possible combinations. In a consultation, I will ask the right questions to determine the remedies you need.

If you need a consultation to help identify the remedies you need, go to the Consultations for People page or the Consultations for Pets and Animals page.

If you want to purchase stock bottles of individual remedies, Rescue Remedy, or any other Rescue products, go to the Shop page. 

If you want to purchase a mixing bottle of up to seven remedies of your choosing, send me a list of the remedies you would like from the Contact page.

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