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Phoebe D

"I am so grateful to Carl for listening diligently and carefully to the character description of my beloved Abyssinian cat, Phoebe; Carl put together a custom Bach formulation based on Phoebe’s needs. Phoebe was showing signs of insecurity and fear borne of not being well socialized as a kitten (before she came to live with me). As an adult cat this had led to some difficult characteristics including hostility despite periods of being a very affectionate girl. Phoebe is a changed cat on Bach! She is vastly more social, settled and secure. Her entire demeanor has changed and for the better! I have Carl to thank for my now sweet, loving Phoebe. It is truly marvelous!"

-Phoebe and Alison D.

Lin M

“Carl has been working with me, creating customized Bach essences, since 2009. It has seen me through the death of my father and my mother, through numerous work and personal crises and transitions. His insight into the underlying causes of emotional stress are remarkable. I have been able to move through very emotionally difficult situations without need of therapists or traditional pharmaceutical treatments. When I first went to Carl, I had experienced unthinkable loss. Through the use of Bach, I was able to overcome grief and betrayal and able to feel joy and happiness. He and Bach have transformed me.”

-Lin M.

Allie A

I met Carl Anderson back in July of 2016. My sweet Allie had been diagnosed with the horrible cancer, hemangiosarcoma. I was willing to do anything to help extend her quality of life. Carl helped both Allie and me with customized blends for both of us. Carl was with us through that whole journey, all the way to the end.

-Allie and Julie A.

Testimonials: Testimonial
Rebeca H
Doug J

"It has been three years since you saved my life. Literally, you did. When we started Bach flower therapy, I had been taking medicine for depression for more than four years. I was tired of depending on them and tired of their side effects. Then I found you here in Seattle! I remember our first appointment.  You very clearly explained Bach flower therapy, and for the first time in years I felt HOPE. Ever since then, I have been getting better better-and without any medicine at all. Thanks to you, I regained my confidence and got my life back! I seriously recommend this treatment. I am a happy person once again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"I was having a hard time saying, "No" to people. Once Carl formulated my Bach, I had no trouble saying, "No". They worked very quickly and I no longer need to take them. Regardless of what your issue is, I recommend contacting Carl. He is right on in formulating the right Bach remedies to address your issue(s).

-Doug J.

-Rebeca H.

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