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Simplify the Search—Remedy Selection Guide

1. Fear & worries of unknown origin: Feel apprehensive &/or experience occasional anxiousness without knowing why.


2. Fear of Losing Control: Lack control of your behavior—mentally, emotionally, or physically & afraid of your impulses.

REMEDY: Cherry Plum     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Be in Control

3. Fear of known things, shy, timid: Overly sensitive or afraid of an identifiable fear, such as public speaking, flying, heights, or darkness.

REMEDY: Mimulus    POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Face Your Fears

4. Fear or over-concern for others: Overly concerned about your loved ones & worry that harm may come to them.

REMEDY: Red Chestnut     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Peace of Mind

5. Terror: An acute moment of terror such as an accident, attack or disaster that left you feeling helpless, frozen in the face of fear.

REMEDY: Rock Rose     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Have Courage 

6. Self preoccupied; self-concern; talkative: A compulsive talker who seeks out an audience for your own interests & problems, driving others away by your own neediness.
REMEDY: Heather     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Empathize & Listen

7. Impatience: Irritated with those who move slowly & feel a sense of urgency, always rushing to get through tasks.
REMEDY: Impatiens     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Have Patience

8. Proud, aloof: Very independent & withdrawn, preferring to be alone when faced with too many external distractions.
REMEDY: Water Violet     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Connect With Others


9. Hide problems behind a cheerful face: Mask feelings & may turn to food, alcohol, drugs, or other distractions to conceal your pain.
REMEDY: Agrimony     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Communicate Openly

10. Weak-willed & easily led: Neglect your own needs & find it difficult to say
no in order to please others.
REMEDY: Centaury     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Be Assertive

11. Envious, jealous, feelings of hatred: A general feeling of anger, suspicion, or jealousy toward others.
REMEDY: Holly     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Goodwill Toward Others

12. Protection from change & outside influences: Held back by the influence of
others or by major life changes such as moving, a new job, a new relationship, body changes, or giving up an addiction.
REMEDY: Walnut     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Adapt To Change

13. Fail to learn from past mistakes: Unable to make progress, you repeat the same mistakes, such as gravitating to the wrong partner, job, or habit.

REMEDY: Chestnut Bud     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Learn From Mistakes

14. Dreaminess; lack of interest in the present: Often feel spacey, absentminded & daydreamy, making it difficult to concentrate.


15. Dwells on the past: Feel homesick or nostalgic for "the way it was", making it difficult to change or move on.
REMEDY: Honeysuckle     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Embrace The Now

16. Deep gloom with no origin: Experiencing bouts of deep gloom or mood swings with highs & lows for no apparent reason.

17. Lack of energy: Feel completely exhausted, drained both physically & mentally from effort & find it hard to carry on.
REMEDY: Olive      POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Restore Energy

18. Unwanted thoughts; mental arguments: Mind full of persistent, repetitive thoughts preventing concentration & at times, sleep.
REMEDY: White Chestnut     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Calm The Mind

19. Resignation; apathy: Apathetic to whatever happens in life—just drifting along & lacking interest to change it.
REMEDY: Wild Rose     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Show Enthusiasm

20. Seek advice & confirmation from others: Often second guess your judgment & follow others' advice, even if it feels wrong. 
REMEDY: Cerato     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Trust Your Intuition

21. Discouragement, despondency: Feel dejected & frustrated when things go wrong or when faced with difficulty. 
REMEDY: Gentian     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Accept Setbacks


22. Hopelessness; despair: Have lost faith that things will get better & will make little effort to change circumstances.

23. "Monday morning" feeling: Weary to face the day & may procrastinate when having to do a task you don't enjoy.
REMEDY: Hornbeam     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Procrastinate Less

24. Uncertainty, indecision: Find it difficult  to decide between two choices or have mood swings such as happy to sad, optimistism to pessimism, or calm to irritable.
REMEDY: Scleranthus     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Be Decisive

25. Uncertainty as to correct path in life: Although ready for change, feel you are at a career crossroad & unsure which way to go.
REMEDY: Wild Oat     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Decide Your Path


26. Intolerant of others, critical: Easily annoyed by the habits & shortcomings of others & often passes judgment.
REMEDY: Beech     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Be More Tolerant

27. Possessive, over-protective: Confident that you know what's best for your loved ones & feel unappreciated in return. 
REMEDY: Chicory     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Love Unconditionally

28. Inflexible, self-denial: Extreme discipline, striving for perfection & overly concerned with diet, exercise, work, or spritiual discipline.
REMEDY: Rock Water     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Flexible Mind

29. Over-enthusiasm: Sensitive to injustice or over-dedicated to a cause others may find extreme, to the point where you may even lose sleep.
REMEDY: Vervain     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Relax & Be Calm

30. Assertive; inflexible: A natural leader with ambition, but others find you aggressive or domineering.
REMEDY: Vine     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Motivate, Not Dominate


31. Poor self-image; sense of uncleanliness: Feel obsessed with cleanliness or ashamed or embarrassed by physical appearance.
REMEDY: Crab Apple     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Accept Imperfections

32. Overwhelmed by responsibility: Find it difficult to manage your many tasks.

33. Lack of confidence: Feel inferior when attempting new things & fearful that you will fail.
REMEDY: Larch     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Have Confidence

34. Exhausted, but struggles on: Have a sense of duty to carry on & persevere against all odds, even past the point of exhaustion.
REMEDY: Oak     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Restore Endurance

35. Self-reproach, guilt: Quick to blame yourself, you frequently apologize for things that go wrong, even for the mistakes of others.
REMEDY: Pine     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Have Self-Respect

36. After-effects of shock: Experienced a shock such as bereavement, illness, or bad news that left you feeling numb, withdrawn, or distressed.
REMEDY: Star of Bethlehem     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Neutralize Grief

37. Extreme mental anguish: Extreme mental or emotional anguish or feel you have reached the limits of what you can endure.
REMEDY: Sweet Chestnut     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Be Optimistic

38. Self pity; resentment: Feel bitter that life is unfair & lack interest in the things you once enjoyed.
REMEDY: Willow     POSITIVE POTENTIAL: Forgive & Forget


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