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The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Unlabeled Agrimony

Agrimony: for people who hide their emotions

Unlabeled Aspen

Aspen: for generalized anxiety

Unlabeled Beech

Beech: for being overly critical or intolerant

Unlabeled Centaury

Centaury: for weak-willed people

Unlabeled Cerato

Cerato: for those who don't trust their judgment

Unlabeled Cherry Plum

Cherry Plum: for fear of losing control

Emotional Well-Being

Chestnut Bud: to learn from past mistakes

Unlabeled Chicory

Chicory: possessive or over-protective people

Unlabeled Clematis

Clematis: for dreaminess

Unlabeled Crab Apple

Crab Apple: low self-esteem, obsessiveness

Unlabeled Elm

Elm: for being overwhelmed

Unlabeled Gentian

Gentian: for being discouraged after a setback

Unlabeled Gorse

Gorse: for hopelessness, despair

Emotional Well-Being

Heather: for self-preoccupation

Unlabeled Holly

Holly: for hatred, jealousy, suspicion

Unlabeled Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle: for dwelling in the past

Unlabeled Hornbeam

Hornbeam: for lack of motivation

Unlabeled Impatiens

Impatiens: for impatience and irritability

Unlabeled Larch

Larch: for lack of confidence

Unlabeled Mimulus

Mimulus: for fears

Unlabeled Mustard

Mustard: for gloom with no identifiable cause

Unlabeled Oak

Oak: for those who are exhausted, but struggle on

Unlabeled Olive

Olive: for exhaustion

Unlabeled Pine

Pine: for guilt and self-reproach

Unlabeled Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut: for over-concern for loved ones

Unlabeled Rock Rose

Rock Rose: for terror

Unlabeled Rock Water

Rock Water: for inflexibility, self-denial

Unlabeled Scleranthus

Scleranthus: for indecision

Unlabeled Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem: for shock and trauma

Sweet Chestnut flower

Sweet Chestnut: for grief and mental anguish

Unlabeled Vervain

Vervain: for over-enthusiasm

Unlabeled Vine

Vine: for assertive, domineering types

Unlabeled Walnut

Walnut: for protection from change and outside influences

Unlabeled Water Violet

Water Violet: for those who are proud and aloof and isolate themselves

Unlabeled White Chestnut

White Chestnut: for racing thoughts

Unlabeled Wild Oat

Wild Oat: for those looking for life path, purpose

Unlabeled Wild Rose

Wild Rose: for apathy, resignation

Unlabeled Willow

Willow: for resentment, bitterness

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