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Are the Bach Flower Remedies Homeopathy?

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Bach Flower Remedy
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The Bach Flower Remedies have some similarities to and differences from homeopathic. They are both energetic or vibrational medicines. That means that they contain the energy of the substance they are named after, but do not contain any of the chemical compounds of that substance. That is why the homeopathic remedies Aresenicum Album (arsenic) and Belladonna (nightshade) are safe. The chemical constituents in arsenic and nightshade are highly poisonous, but none of those compounds are in the remedies. Likewise, the Bach Flower Remedies do not contain any of the compounds in the plants or flowers they are made from. They only contain their energetic essence. I have had clients say they can't take the Bach Flower Remedy Walnut, because they are highly allergic to walnuts. This is untrue, because only the flowers are used to make the remedy, not the nuts, and only the energy of the flower is harnessed in the remedy, not the chemical compounds.

Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies are both energetic medicines. However, the Bach Flower Remedies are at a much higher frequency than homeopathy. As a result, none of the contraindications for homeopathy apply to the Bach Flower Remedies. For example, people using homeopathy are discouraged from drinking coffee, ingesting or inhaling strong scents like menthol (e.g., Vicks or BenGay) or spearmint or peppermint (e.g., toothpastes and herbal teas), and they are told to avoid exposing their remedies to X-rays (e.g., through the mail or TSA airport scanners). None of these restrictions apply to the Bach Flower Remedies. They can safely be added to coffee or mint tea without reducing their effectiveness. The only restrictions that applies to the Bach Flower Remedies are to avoid exposing them to sunlight or heat sources (which can cause them to lose their potency prematurely) and to use them within approximately 3 weeks (unless a preservative like alcohol or glycerine is added).

Other differences include the fact that the Bach Flower Remedies only come in one concentration or dilution. Whether taken directly from a stock bottle or after being diluted into a treatment bottle, the Bach Flower Remedies are approximately a 5C dilution. Whereas, homeopathic remedies are available in numerous strengths: 5C, 200C, 1M-10M, 50M (LM), 100M (CM), 500M (DM), etc.

Bach Flower Remedies and homeopathic remedies are perfectly complimentary and will not interfere with one another.

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