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Bach Flower Remedies for Learning Disorders

Updated: Mar 20

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Bach Flower Remedies can be very effective at helping people overcome learning disorders. Many people have difficulty focusing while in class or trying to study. There are many reasons why people have trouble focusing. It is important to determine the right reason in order to choose the right remedy. If one tends to daydream or has mental fog, Clematis is the right remedy. If one is distracted by mental chatter or is plagued by racing or scattered thoughts, White Chestnut will help. Some people lack confidence in their ability to learn certain subjects. Larch will restore their confidence so they aren't working against themselves. Lots of people freak out when taking exams. Rock Rose will make their terror fade away so they don't black out. If someone has a tendency to repeat the same mistakes, Chestnut Bud will help him or her learn from past mistakes. If they were traumatized by a bad situation, Star of Bethlehem will help them get past their previous hardship.

Unlike drugs, flower remedies have no side effects. They are pure and natural and are not habit forming. The remedies actually work on the emotions themselves and do not simply mask them. The CDC has warned that Americans are overmedicating children diagnosed or presumed to have ADHD (Washington Post article).

There are 39 different remedies including Rescue Remedy. These can be used to make over 19 million combinations, and there is a remedy or combination of remedies to address any emotional state. For a consultation or to order remedies, I can be reached by phone at 415-420-7800, by email at, or via my website at

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