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Bach Flower Remedies to Help Cope with the Covid-19 Outbreak

Updated: Mar 20

microscopic view of a Covid virus

The Covid-19 outbreak has unnerved a lot of people. Many are terrified and are overreacting. Others are in complete denial of the seriousness of the situation, comparing it to the flu and making other excuses to not be concerned. Many of these people are ignoring all efforts intended to slow the virus's spread. The good news is that Bach Flower Remedies can help people cope with Covid-19 with courage and grace. Although they won't stop the crisis, they can help you cope with it in a healthy way. In addition, stress, anxiety, fear, and depression can actually weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to disease.

People respond to the same circumstances in many different ways. There is not one remedy to address everyone's situation. It is important to be honest about what you're feeling and select the remedies that address your individual needs. Below is a list of remedies that may be helpful, depending on how you are reacting.

  • Star of Bethlehem is for anyone who is traumatized or in shock

  • Rescue Remedy helps with stressful situations

  • Rock Rose helps people face terrifying situations with courage (terrified of getting sick or losing their retirement savings)

  • Mimulus helps people get over fears and worries (fear of getting infected or losing their retirement savings)

  • Crab Apple balances anyone who is obsessive, germaphobic, or a clean freak

  • Agrimony helps people who stuff their emotions, allowing them to face them (in denial or not in touch with their emotions; they're often stuck in their head, not in touch with their heart)

  • White Chestnut helps people with an overactive mind who stew over things (constantly thinking about the spread of the epidemic, addicted to news reports, etc.)

  • Aspen helps when people are on high alert, waiting for something bad to happen, but not knowing what (generalized anxiety)

  • Red Chestnut is specifically for worry about a loved one's health or well-being

  • Elm helps people who are overwhelmed or feeling sensory overload (too much to do or too much information to process)

  • Gentian helps people who are feeling despondent when it can be traced to a specific event (like the coronavirus outbreak)

  • Gorse is for people who are feeling depressed or hopeless about their situation

  • Hornbeam is for anyone who is lacking motivation (they may be derailed by the media frenzy around the outbreak)

  • Water Violet helps people who tend to be loners yet find themselves lonely (it's easy for them to socially distance, but eventually find they haven't reached out to their friends and their friends have stopped calling)

  • Cherry Plum helps people stay composed when they fear they're losing control

  • Impatiens helps with a sense of haste or urgency, wanting to fast-forward through a situation

  • Walnut helps people adapt to change and also protects them from outside influences (helps to adjust to social distancing and quarantines and to be less affected by rumors and media hype)

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