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Bach Flower Remedies for Anxiety

Updated: Mar 20

Woman suffering from anxiety

Anxiety is widespread in the United States, affecting over 18 percent of the adult population—roughly 40 million people every year. It often is accompanied by depression, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, eating disorders, or physical conditions such as headaches, IBS, sleep disorders, or fibromyalgia. The good news is that Bach Flower Remedies are really effective at relieving anxiety.

Generally, anxiety falls into one of two categories. The first is generalized anxiety—a sense that something bad is about to happen. It puts people on edge waiting for the other shoe to fall. It isn’t a specific fear, but a general sense of dread. The Bach Flower Remedy Aspen eradicates this form of anxiety and restores peace of mind.

The second category of anxiety is a sense of being completely overwhelmed—system overload and not knowing how to function or proceed. The Bach Flower Remedy Elm corrects this emotional state, restoring balance and a sense of composure.

The Bach Flower Remedies should be taken four times a day. It is best to take your first dose within an hour of getting up to set the tone for the day and to take your last dose within an hour of bedtime because you do a lot of processing while you are sleeping. Take at least two additional doses throughout the day. If you are taking them straight from a stock bottle, take two drops each time. Be patient and religious about taking them. Most people feel significantly better within one to two weeks. With continued use, your mood will continue to improve.

There are other Bach Flower Remedies that may also be helpful, depending on each person’s individual circumstances. For example, White Chestnut helps quiet the mind and stop mental chatter or recurrent mental arguments. There are 39 different remedies in all, including Rescue Remedy. These can be used to make over 19 million combinations, and there is a remedy or combination of remedies to address any emotional state. For a consultation or to order remedies, I can be reached by phone at 415-420-7800, by email at, or via my website at

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