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How to take the Bach Flower Remedies

Updated: Mar 20

stock bottle of the remedy Crab Apple
mixing bottle (a one-ounce bottle with dropper)

If you are taking one or two remedies, you can take them directly from a stock bottle (shown on left). Take two drops of each remedy four times a day.

If you have a treatment or mixing bottle (a 30ml dropper bottle, shown on right), fill it to the shoulder with spring or bottled water. Then add two drops of each of the selected remedies (up to a maximum of eight). They don't need to be refrigerated, but keep them away from heat and out of the sun. Since there is not enough alcohol to preserve them, they will lose their potency after three to five weeks. The standard dose from a treatment bottle is four drops, four times a day.

It is recommended that the Bach Flower Remedies be taken four times a day, starting with the first dose within an hour of getting up and ending with the last dose within an hour of bedtime. In most cases, four times a day is sufficient, but taking them more frequently can help speed up their effectiveness. Taking a larger dose does not help.

The remedies may be taken directly in the mouth or added to any drink. If you put the drops directly in your mouth, be careful not to contaminate the dropper by getting it in contact with your mouth. When giving remedies to animals, it is recommended to put them on a porous treat that will absorb them. Never put a glass eye dropper in an animal's mouth.

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