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Bach Flower Remedies to Beat the Holiday Blues

Updated: Mar 20

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The holidays are a busy time and filled with high expectations. For many, these are times of tremendous joy and comfort. For others, they are a time of loneliness, alienation, and even depression. The Bach Flower Remedies are the perfect solution to beat the holiday blues. They are safe, effective, natural, and have no side effects. They are also very simple and you can’t overdose with them. The key is identifying the emotions one is feeling, then taking the right remedy. It is important to take the remedies regularly and be patient. They normally take time to work, but usually less than two weeks. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, the Bach Flower Remedies have no side effects. [Keep in mind, every drug has a long list of undesirable side effects. The #1 side effect of most antidepressants is "suicidal ideation" - thoughts of committing suicide!]

The holidays often create financial burdens and worries. Mimulus works at eradicating financial and other worries. White Chestnut quiets the mind allowing one to think clearly, instead of obsessively stewing over things. When someone is feeling homesick or reminiscing about the past, Honeysuckle will bring him or her back to the present. Sweet Chestnut will give solace to a person stricken with grief over the loss of a loved one. If someone is feeling hopeless or suicidal, Gorse will help him or her find hope and joy. There are 39 different remedies including Rescue Remedy. These can be used to make over 19 million combinations, and there is a remedy or combination of remedies to address any emotional state. For a consultation or to order remedies, I can be reached by phone at 415-420-7800, by email at, or via my website at

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